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Company Profile - 20 Years of Microseismic Monitoring

Company Profile
ESG Solutions is a leading provider and true pioneer of commercial passive microseismic monitoring solutions to the global energy, mining, and geotechnical industries. 

Incorporated in 1993, ESG has grown from a research group into a full-service microseismic company, offering integrated solutions from  project design to system manufacture and installation through to complete microseismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation services.  2013 marks ESG's 20th year of providing commercial microseismic services.

ESG Operates in a Diverse Group of Markets

In the energy industry, ESG has been a leader in both the long-term reservoir and hydraulic fracturing markets.  As early as 1997, ESG pioneered the use of microseismic technology to image and map fractures during hydraulic fracturing of shale gas in Texas.  Since then ESG has performed real-time and post-acquisition processing and interpretation of hydraulic fracture projects throughout North America.  Similarly, ESG installed its first long-term reservoir monitoring system to monitor heavy-oil operations in northern Alberta in 2002.  Since then, countless clients have benefitted from the ability to track steam chamber development and an gained an enhanced understanding of how their reservoir is responding to thermal recovery operations.  More recently, ESG has moved into the gas storage market, working with clients around the world to sequester carbon or store natural gas in underground reservoirs.  We use microseismic monitoring in these applications to help our clients ensure containment of the stored gas and enhance understanding of the reservoir during high pressure gas injection.

ESG’s long history of working with the mining industry means that we are the most experienced supplier of microseismic monitoring equipment and software for use in underground and open-pit mines.  Our products are durable and rugged enough to withstand the rough environments of underground and open-pit mine sites.  While many clients appreciate the ability to monitor microseismicity themselves, ESG still provides 24-hour alerting services and advanced microseismic analysis for the majority of mine sites.

ESG also has extensive experience with microseismic monitoring in a wide range of geotechnical applications.  ESG has completed monitoring projects for hydroelectric dams, high-speed railways and underground waste and gas storage projects.

Innovative Microseismic Solutions

It is ESG’s priority to provide high quality microseismic solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  We believe in the value of microseismic technology and have seen countless examples where clients have dramatically improved their operations and mitigated risk to protect both employees and the environment using the insight provided by microseismic systems.

ESG designs and manufactures our own microseismic instrumentation and can therefore provide our clients with highly customized solutions.  Having a dedicated team of engineers to perform our research and development activities means that ESG is always developing new products and advancing the capabilities of microseismic technology.

ESG's processes are ISO 9000:2008 compliant and our manufacturing team consists of a group of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality products.  All ESG products are manufactured in our Kingston, Ontario facility.

Rapid Growth

While ESG has been an established company since 1993, we have experienced rapid growth in the last few years.  In fact, ESG has doubled in size for each of the last three years.   

To match this rate of expansion, ESG built and moved into a brand new Global Headquarters in Kingston, Canada in 2009 and has since opened five new offices including our ESG USA Sales and Operations offices in Houston, Texas and regional offices in Denver, Amsterdam and Beijing.  To contact ESG representatives around the world please see our Sales Offices Map or email us.


Serving Clients Worldwide

  • ESG designs and builds custom microseismic acquisition systems for downhole and surface monitoring.

  • ESG devotes 20% of its operating budget to Research and Development so we can continually deliver new and improved equipment and analysis tools to our clients.