Intellectual Property

ESG has a long history of dedication to research and innovation.  In 2013, ESG was awarded US patent 8,605,544 for its proprietary Hybrid™ passive seismic deployment strategy.  The Hybrid™ Seismic Sensor Network combines the use of high frequency and low frequency passive seismic sensors in borehole and near-surface arrays to accurately monitor induced seismicity from -3 to +3 in moment magnitude. ESG currently holds 4 patents with another 4 pending.  Spectraseis holds 10 patents. 

ESG Patents:

Patent NumbersPatent TitleProducts/Services

US 8,605,544
CA 2,791,982

Hybrid Seismic Sensor NetworkHybrid™ Microseismic Monitoring Services
CA 2,815,906Identifying Reservoir Drainage Patterns from Microseismic DataSMTI Production Suite™ Advanced Microseismic Analysis Services
US 9,366,552Sealed Sensor Assembly

ESG Downhole Microseismic Monitoring using the following sensors:


Spectraseis Patents:

Patent NumberPatent TitleProducts/Services
US 7,676,326VH Reservoir MappingSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
7,729,862Frequency Autonormalization Reservoir MappingSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
US 7,675,815
US 8,068,384
US 8,451,685
Time Reverse Reservoir LocalizationSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
US 8,179,740Time Reverse Reservoir Localization with Borehole DataSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
US 7,590,491Signal Integration Measure for Seismic DataSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
CA 2,750253Time Reverse Imaging Operators for Source LocationSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
MX 326,734Operadores para Procesamiento de Imagen con Inversion de Tiempo para Ubicacion de FuenteSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
MX 326,735Atributos de Procesamiento de Imagen con Inversion de TiempoSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping
MX 321,400Estimato do Señal de Dominio de Imagen a InterferenciaSpectraseis Surface Fracture Mapping