Celebrating 20 Years of ESG Solutions

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 12:00am to 11:45pm

ESG Solutions will be celebrating its official 20th Anniversary on November 1st with simultaneous events hosted in its Kingston, Calgary, Houston and Dallas facilities.  A cake cutting ceremony will take place at 3pm EST in ESG's Kingston Headquarters followed by speeches from some of ESG's Founders and Early Employees. 

Looking back over the past 20 years, ESG has changed quite dramatically; transitioning from a university-based research group to a global engineering and geophysical consulting company.  Much of the early research that ended up playing a considerable role in ESG’s first line of products and software were developed in the late 1980’s by researchers within the Engineering Seismology Lab (ESL) in the department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, as well as researchers within the Mining Engineering and Physics departments, all at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.  When the lab closed down in early 1993, a few researchers started the process of forming a company to commercialize the work.  In the fall of 1993, Engineering Seismology Group Canada Inc. was born.      

ESG’s first permanent seismic system was installed at the Retsof Salt Mine in the Genesee Valley near Retsof, New York. In 1994, mining activities caused the collapse of a 500 by 500 foot piece of the mine ceiling at a depth of 1,200 feet. The collapse of the ceiling rock induced a magnitude 3.6 earthquake, the mine flooded and a large sinkhole formed at the surface.  An ESG seismic system was used to evaluate the integrity of the mine as it flooded and track the sinkhole. 

By the late 1990’s, ESG had made significant inroads in the petroleum industry.  In 1997, ESG worked with Union Pacific Resources (UPR) and analyzed microseismic data acquired by the Cotton Valley Consortium, a research group examining hydraulic fracturing in Texas.  Working with companies like OYO to develop the technology, ESG monitored its first hydraulic fracture for UPR using a temporary wireline array in Texas in 2000.

What’s next for ESG?  “We will continue to pursue a growth strategy in the Petroleum and Mining/Geotechnical business units” says CEO Ken Arnold. "Continued investment in Research and Development and commercialization processes will be critical going forward.”