Celebrating 20 Years of Microseismic Monitoring at the 83rd SEG Annual Meeting

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 12:00am to Friday, September 27, 2013 - 11:45pm

ESG will be exhibiting and delivering five technical presentations at the upcoming 83rd SEG Annual Meeting in Houston.  Visit our booth #3442 to view interactive in-booth presentations or to learn about ESG's newest offerings including surface monitoring, ESG's advanced SMTI Production Suite and SuperCable long-term retrievable microseismic deployment. 

Or help ESG Celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a chance to win 20 great prizes!  Stop by booth #3442 for more information!

20 Years, 20 Prizes

As part of ESG's 20th Anniversary Celebrations, attendees at the SEG will have a chance to win one of 20 prizes, including one $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card, 4 Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones and 15 Titleist Pro V1 12-pack Golf Balls.  All you have to do is obtain a 20th Anniversary label from the ESG Booth #3442 and be seen anywhere on the exhibit floor wearing the label to qualify to win.  Prizes will be drawn through the show but you can follow @ESG_Solutions on twitter for updates on winners!

The 83rd SEG Annual Meeting is taking place from September 22-27 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Technical Presentations

Title: Utilizing fracture complexity and stress release parameters to characterize b-value behavior and the growth of hydraulic fractures - Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic, ESG Solutions
Date: Monday, September 23rd
Time: 2:10 pm
Session: PSC P1 - Recent Developments
Room: Level 3 Foyer

Title: Passive imaging of hydraulic fracture stimulations - Sepideh Karimi, Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic, ESG Solutions
Date: Tuesday, September 24th
Time: 2:45 pm
Session: PSC 2 - Imaging and Interferometry
Room: 360 ABDE

Title: Utilizing moment tensors to characterize out-of-zone steam chamber growth - Ted Urbancic, Katherine Buckingham, Anisa Kassam and Adam Baig, ESG Solutions; Said Mahrooqi, Forbes Clow and Said Busaidi, Petroleum Development Oman
Date: Wednesday, September 25th
Time: 8:30 am
Session: PSC 3 - Source Mechanisms and Location
Room: 360 ABDE

Title: NetMoment derived Q and source parameters in unconventional reservoir stimulations - Gisela Viegas, Ted Urbancic and Adam Baig, ESG Solutions
Date: Thursday, September 26th
Time: 9:20 am
Session: PSC 5 - Microseismic Smorgasbord
Room: 360 ABDE

Title: Calibrating Geomechanical Models Using Induced Seismicity from –M4 to +M4: Challenges of Incorporating Fractures from Joints to Faults
Date: Friday, September 27th
Time: 1:15 pm
Session: Workshop W-14 - Use of borehole, surface and microseismic measurements to understand the geomechanical behaviour of unconventional reservoirs