ESG Presents Record Number of Technical Presentations at the GeoConvention in Calgary

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 12:00am to Friday, May 10, 2013 - 11:45pm

ESG will be exhibiting and delivering seven technical presentations at the GeoConvention next week.  Stop by our booth #717 to view interactive in-booth presentations or to learn about ESG's newest offerings including surface monitoring and SuperCable long-term retrievable deployment.  Or, attend one of our record seven technical presentations outlining recent advances in microseismic monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

The GeoConvention is taking place from May 6-10 at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary.

Technical Presentations

TitleIdentifying Reservoir Drainage Patterns from Microseismic Data - A. Wuestefeld, T. Urbancic, A. Baig (ESG Solutions), E. von Lunen, J. Hendrick and S. Lovric (Nexen)
Date: Monday, May 6th
Time: 1:50 pm 
Session: Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs II 
Location: Telus Rooms 104-106

Title: Felt Seismicity Related to Hydraulic Fracturing - A. Baig, T. Urbancic, G. Viegas (ESG Solutions), E. von Lunen, J. Hendrick and S. Lovric (Nexen)
Date: Monday, May 6th
Time: 3:00 pm
Session: Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs II 
Location: Lagoon EF

TitleUsing Microseismicity to Identify and Verify Increased Fracture Complexity During Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations - T. Urbancic, A. Baig, K. Kocon and K. Tremblay (ESG Solutions)
Date: Tuesday, May 7th
Time: 8:40 am 
Session: Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring I 
Location: Glen Rooms 201-202

Title: Black Box Recording of Passive Seismicity: Pitfalls of not Understanding your Acquisition Instrumentation and its Limitations - T. Urbancic, A. Wuestefeld and A. Baig, (ESG Solutions)
Date: Tuesday, May 7th
Time: 1:50 pm
Session: Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring II 
Location: Glen Rooms 201-202

Title: Stress Re-distribution During Long-term Steam Injections and its Potential Influence on Reservoir Development - K. Buckingham, A. Baig, T. Urbancic and A. Kassam (ESG Solutions)
Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 10:15 am
Session: Geophysics for Unconventional Reservoirs: Tight Oil/Oil Shale 
Location: Macleod Hall B

TitleEstimating Q from Hydraulic Fracture Related Seismicity - Gisela Viegas, Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic (ESG Solutions), Eric von Lunen, Jason Hendrick and Sean Lovric (Nexen)
Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 2:15 pm 
Session: Microseismic II 
Location: Macleod Hall A 2

Title: Self-Consistency in Scaling Relations for Seismicity Induced during Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations- Sepideh Karimi, Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic and Gisela Viegas (ESG Solutions)
Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 3:25 pm
Session: Microseismic II 
Location: Macleod Hall A 2