Dan Prairie Appointed Sales Engineer for Spectraseis Seismic Monitoring Services

Growing demand seen for broadband recording arrays to monitor local seismicity to ensure safe and uninterrupted oil and gas field operations

Spectraseis, the technology leader in microseismic fracture imaging, stimulation evaluation and seismic monitoring, has appointed Dan Prairie Senior Sales Engineer for seismic monitoring services.

Mr. Prairie, 47, a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines in electrical engineering, holds a Masters in Project Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management. He has 25 years’ experience of marketing survey and mapping systems, industrial instrumentation and engineered magnetic assemblies.

At Spectraseis, Mr. Prairie will focus on delivering customer solutions for operators who want to more precisely monitor and control seismicity – such as small magnitude Earth tremors – in conjunction with their field activities.

Spectraseis recently installed a seismic monitoring array for an unconventional gas producer in the U.S.

The project will deliver continuous data on seismicity in the vicinity of the company’s oil and gas well operations using a semi-permanent installation of highly sensitive broadband seismometers and a transmission network, which will deliver data back to Spectraseis for processing and analysis in real-time. A web interface provides easy customer access to the network data.

By monitoring seismic activity around some of its wellsites, the producer will build a better understanding of local seismicity and any association with their operations. This will better position the company to evaluate whether seismic events are related to their areas of operation and take proactive steps to ensure safe operations.

Spectraseis has delivered a high quality and cost-effective solution for long term monitoring, combining state-of-the-art instrumentation, installation, and analytical techniques.

Spectraseis CEO, Ross Newman, said:

“Induced seismicity is an area of growing interest to corporate policy-makers and regulators in North America and Europe. Our customers are increasingly taking the responsible position of acquiring the data necessary to evaluate and understand seismicity in their areas of operations."

Spectraseis offers a technically advanced solution that can be installed quickly to obtain background seismicity data, and allows for continuous monitoring during local well activity. This reduces the possibility of undetected seismicity leading to unplanned operational shutdowns or public concerns.

Dan Prairie brings a record of delivering outstanding customer service in industrial products and will further enhance our ability to deliver reliable data to oil & gas operators developing unconventional reserves.”


About Spectraseis

Spectraseis is the technology leader in microseismic fracture monitoring and stimulation evaluation. We provide services to many of the world’s leading E&P firms, including a growing customer base among North American unconventional resource operators. Spectraseis provides a competitive advantage to its customers through cutting-edge innovations in surface and borehole passive seismic monitoring, full-wave data processing and imaging. Established in 2004, Spectraseis has offices in Houston, Denver and Calgary.


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