ESG Opens its First European Office

ESG Solutions would like to announce the official opening of its first European office, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  As of September 1st, ESG will add this new office to its growing international presence.

Says Andy Higgs, head of European Business Development for ESG, "ESG has nearly doubled in size each year for the past three years.  It became clear that in order to maintain this pace of expansion, we needed to look beyond North America.  Europe has a strong market for gas storage and cyclic steam stimulation operations, two applications in which we specialize in monitoring for microseismicity."

ESG has extensive experience in microseismic monitoring for the mining and energy industries and is uniquely placed to provide technical assistance in developing unconventional gas plays and the solution mined gas storage market.  Both are anticipated to be growth areas in the next few years.  With the opening of ESG's office in Amsterdam, the company anticipates hiring a geophysicist to service clients throughout Europe and Scandinavia. 
As for why ESG chose Amsterdam?  According to Andy Higgs, "Amsterdam was an obvious choice for us.  It has excellent air and rail connections, is multilingual, business friendly and is home to two of our biggest clients.  We hope that our presence in Amsterdam demonstrates that ESG Solutions sees Europe as an important market and key to our plans for expansion."

Contact Information for the Amsterdam Office:

ESG Solutions
Herengracht 574
1017CJ Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20.521.9440

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