ESG Opens Sales Office in Beijing, China

ESG Solutions is pleased to announce the official opening of its newest international office in Beijing, China.  The new office will allow ESG to serve its Chinese client base and help expand operations in China's growing oil and gas industry.

From the new Beijing office, ESG will offer a variety of fracture monitoring services designed specifically to provide engineers and geophysicists an unbiased assessment of fracture-stimulation projects in unconventional plays such as gas shale, coal bed methane (CBM), and tight sands.  These enhanced services will complement ESG’s existing capabilities in the long-term reservoir monitoring and carbon sequestration markets, and presence in the Chinese mining industry.

ESG's first Chinese office, located in Changsha in Hunan Province was officially opened in 2010 to support ESG's microseismic operations in China's mining industry.

Contact Information for the Beijing Office:

Suite 12B Yitong Building,
Zhonghaiyayuan Plaza
Beiwa North Road, Haidian District

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