ESG Positioned for Accelerated Growth across Seismicity Monitoring Markets

HOUSTONOct. 1, 2019 -- ESG Solutions, an industry leader in borehole and surface-based microseismic technology and services announced today organizational changes to its Kingston and Denver-based operations which will accelerate ESG's continued growth within the energy and mining industries.

As a result of these changes, management of all current and future private and subscriber array services for induced seismicity monitoring ("ISM") associated with hydraulic fracturing and waste-water injection operations has been moved from Denver to ESG's corporate headquarters in KingstonCanada. Field operations to maintain these arrays will continue to be performed by US and Canadian employees in Houston and Calgary. In addition, software and processing capabilities for the Spectraseis surface-based microseismic monitoring service have been fully integrated into ESG's on-site and cloud-hosted infrastructure and the company continues to prioritize this market.

Through its parent company, ESG Solutions acquired Denver-based Spectraseis Inc. in 2015 and in doing so, gained access to technology serving surface-based microseismic and ISM capabilities.  "The Spectraseis technology stack is a critical asset and core strategic component to ESG's growth strategy moving forward," says Meena Mackie, President and VP Finance of ESG Solutions.  "These organizational changes allow us to accelerate development of our surface technologies by more directly leveraging ESG's wide ranging expertise."

"We're listening to our clients and investing in focused development based on what they value the most," says Shan Jhamandas, VP of Global Energy Services at ESG Solutions.  "We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible, and the best way to do that is to bring all of our knowledge and expertise under one roof."  Among other corporate functions, ESG's Kingston headquarters houses all software, engineering, R&D, data processing and analytics teams serving both the energy and mining sectors. 

Another added benefit of fully integrating the Spectraseis service offerings within ESG is the opportunity for direct collaboration across business units serving different markets. "There is actually an incredible synergy between the ISM service and ESG's mining offering," says Zara Anderson, General Manager of Mining and Geotechnical Services at ESG.  "We are excited to contribute our 25+ years of expertise in strong ground motion and hazard assessment in the mining space to better address induced seismicity challenges faced by oil and gas operators." 

The operational changes will also benefit ESG's mining operations.  Adds Zara, "we're also focusing on some exciting customer-driven initiatives to support our RockMap Live™ service, specifically we're actively leveraging some of the web-based solutions available in the Spectraseis offering to better meet the needs of our mining clients." 

ESG looks forward to making future announcements about new developments in many of our service lines.

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