ESG Solutions Collaborates in Novel Temporary Fibre Optic Deployment in Western Canada

ESG was proud to work with OptaSense on a recent temporary, retrievable fibre optic program for the University of Calgary in Western Canada. The field test represents one of the first such deployments in the region and offers high quality fibre optic data at a fraction of the cost of permanent fibre installations.

In a collaboration with an oil and gas producer, OptaSense and a research team in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary, the team deployed optical fibre four kilometers into a recently drilled unconventional gas well. ESG Solutions installed the wireline cable that carried the fibre, OptaSense provided the monitoring equipment and Altus Intervention provided the “well tractor” technology that conveyed the wireline into the well. Initial results from the project show the temporary optic fibre system provides strain monitoring results comparable to a permanent installation, but at approximately two to three times less cost.

In addition, the fibre can be retrieved and used in other wells, giving the operator a more comprehensive picture in order to optimize hydraulic fracturing and production. The use of fibre optic methods to measure tiny changes in strain and temperature of a geological formation promises to improve environmental and economic performance in unconventional oil and gas development. But to acquire this type of data, companies typically permanently cement the optic fibre and sensing equipment into the well.

“This is one of the first projects of its kind in Canada to deploy a temporary optical fibre to monitor hydraulic fracturing operations,” notes project manager Kelly MacDougall, project co-ordinator for the Microseismic Industry Consortium in the Department of Geoscience. “It was a very cost-effective operation and ran very smoothly,” she said, crediting the success to the expertise of the oil and gas producer and three oilfield service firms involved onsite.

To learn more about OptaSense, visit their website.

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