ESG Solutions Completes Large-Scale Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring Program for Nexen Inc.

ESG Solutions (Engineering Seismology Group or ESG), an industry leader in microseismic technology and services, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the largest microseismic hydraulic fracture monitoring program conducted in Canada to date.  The real-time microseismic mapping project for Nexen Inc. in the Horn River Basin in northeast British Columbia, Canada consisted of real-time monitoring for a total of 143 fracture stages in eight horizontal wells. 

Downhole geophone toolstrings were deployed in a variety of combinations in both the horizontal and vertical sections of nearby wells.  The monitoring program was particularly cost-effective as the innovative tool placement made use of existing production wells adjacent to the treatment, removing the need for dedicated observation wells to be drilled on-site.  ESG performed microseismic data processing and interpretation 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the 43-day project, providing engineers with real-time images of fracture geometry and azimuth.

Nexen was very pleased with the microseismic services provided by ESG, particularly the high quality interpretation of the recorded microseismic data.  Using ESG’s interpretive fracture diagnosis Nexen was able to better understand fracture development by identifying instances of fracture asymmetry and vertical growth.  The microseismic information was used to evaluate their fracture plan and the insight gained will be beneficial in planning and optimizing their future fracture projects in the Horn River basin. Based on the results of this project Nexen has already made plans to improve field drainage for future fractures by adjusting stage spacing. 

ESG is also using their proprietary advanced microseismic analysis for Nexen including seismic moment tensor inversion (SMTI) and permeability mapping to characterize fracture behavior and estimate stimulated reservoir volume (SRV).

A case study describing ESG's role in this project can be viewed here.

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