ESG Solutions Expands Geophysical Services to Include VSP Surveys

Denver, Colorado (October 28, 2014) – ESG Solutions, an industry leader in microseismic technology and services, is pleased to announce that it now offers Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) surveys as an added service to existing downhole microseismic monitoring capabilities for hydraulic fracturing.  As downhole microseismic and VSP surveys are performed using the same 3C geophone arrays, an integrated VSP and microseismic service offers many benefits for operators looking to maximize reservoir data. 

VSPs are typically used to connect time-based surface seismic data with depth-based well logs.  However, a wealth of information can be derived from VSP data that relates to reservoir conditions including heterogeneity, anisotropy, rock properties and the presence of natural fractures.  Knowledge of these characteristics can be used to improve microseismic results.  “Microseismic processing requires a well calibrated velocity model that accurately estimates subsurface conditions,” says Dr. Ted Urbancic, Executive Vice President of Global Energy Services at ESG.  “Integrating VSP data into microseismic processing helps to improve the accuracy of these velocity models, and in turn, microseismic results.” 

Integrated VSP and microseismic services also provide cost savings to operators interested in both services.  Reduced costs are realized since downhole toolstrings only need to be deployed once to perform both microseismic and VSP acquisition.  “It can be a logical add-on for operators who may benefit from VSP results without the extra expense of stand-alone services,” says Urbancic.

VSP is also particularly helpful in situations using ESG’s patented Hybrid™ monitoring configuration, where seismic sensors tuned for different frequency bandwidths are deployed simultaneously in boreholes and on the surface.  “By providing insight into lithological layers outside the immediate treatment zone, VSP results can improve earth models above depths normally logged by wireline tools,” says Urbancic.  Hybrid™ deployments build on ESG’s capabilities in advanced microseismic analysis and have been associated with improved understanding of fault activation and fracture effectiveness.

ESG is exhibiting this week at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) annual conference in Denver, Colorado, October 26-29. 

About ESG Solutions:

Founded in 1993, ESG Solutions (Engineering Seismology Group or ESG) is a pioneer and leading provider of innovative microseismic solutions for the mining, oil and gas and geotechnical industries.  ESG helps operators improve safety, optimize production, reduce costs and mitigate risk associated with underground and open-pit mining, hydraulic fracturing, thermal enhanced oil recovery, waste-water injections, natural gas storage, carbon sequestration and geotechnical applications.  ESG is headquartered in Kingston (Canada), with operations in Calgary, Houston, Muscat, Beijing and Perth and sales offices in Dallas, Dubai and Bucharest. 

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