ESG Solutions Introduces Latest Innovation in Microseismic Signal Acquisition

ESG Solutions, an industry leader in microseismic technology and services, is pleased to announce the North American release of its next generation Paladin™ microseismic recorder.  The Paladin™ IV 32-bit digital seismic recorder is the backbone of ESG’s microseismic data acquisition systems which monitor induced seismicity during underground and open-pit mining, oil and gas production and a variety of geotechnical applications. 

Building on nearly 20 years of industry experience, the Paladin™ IV reflects ESG’s innovation and leadership in the microseismic industry.  Designed for versatile signal acquisition, this low noise device records microseismic signals from a range of seismic sensors and transmits time-synchronized data via Ethernet to a central location for processing and analysis.  The Paladin™ IV introduces plug-and-play functionality for improved ease of use, and remote diagnostics capabilities keep tabs on sensor health, speeding up system maintenance.  Coupled with web-enabled global data streaming, powerful new on-board processing enables stand-alone units to perform advanced triggering and analysis without a PC, supporting a diverse suite of new remote monitoring applications.

Microseismic monitoring uses the principles of earthquake seismology to listen to a rockmass during mining or oil & gas operations, delivering continuous, real-time feedback on how the rock is behaving in response to those operations.  By operating as an early warning system for potential hazards caused by changing rock conditions, microseismic monitoring can help to mitigate risk and optimize design in underground and open-pit mines.  In the oil and gas industry, a permanent, life-of-field approach is applied to monitor enhanced oil recovery and unconventional reservoir stimulation to help optimize production, ensure regulatory compliance and address public concern.

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About ESG Solutions:

Founded in 1993, ESG Solutions is the leading provider of microseismic instrumentation and data acquisition, analysis and interpretation services for the mining, oil and gas and geotechnical industries.  As an independent provider of innovative microseismic solutions, ESG helps operators improve safety, optimize production, reduce costs and mitigate risk associated with hydraulic fracturing, thermal enhanced oil recovery, underground and open-pit mining, natural gas and waste storage, carbon sequestration and geotechnical applications.  ESG is based in Kingston (Canada), with offices in Calgary, Houston, Denver, Dubai, Amsterdam, Changsha and Beijing.

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