ESG Solutions Offers Microseismic Consulting Services to the Mining & Geotechnical Industries

ESG Solutions, an industry leader in microseismic technology and services is pleased to announce the recent expansion of its mining and geotechnical solutions to include consulting services.  These services focus on the in-depth analysis of full-waveform microseismic data, which is recognized as one of the best tools available to geotechnical engineers to assess rockmass response to mining operations.

“ESG’s expansion into consulting services is a logical step for us” says Dr. Cezar Trifu, EVP of Mining and Geotechnical Services for ESG.  “ESG has always been at the forefront of research and innovation in microseismic monitoring in the mining industry, and has been offering advanced analysis to clients for many years.  Providing consulting services means that we can better serve our clients by streamlining and expanding our advanced, full-waveform seismic analysis and interpretation.” 

ESG’s consulting services will make use of advanced analysis to help clients identify geological structures, understand fracture failure mechanisms and orientations and evaluate 3D deformation as well as evaluate spatial and temporal trends in source parameter, seismic hazard and PPV data.  “The goal is to work together with our clients to unlock the power of their microseismic systems, and provide them with a wealth of valuable information about their mine” says Trifu.  By offering temporary, portable microseismic monitoring systems, the group also hopes to help clients evaluate seismicity in a targeted region of a mine or perform investigative work at sites without access to a full microseismic system.

Taking advantage of recent advances in technology, ESG’s consulting services are able to apply computationally intensive techniques for more accurate relocation of events.  “With the increase in computing power and ongoing development and improvement of seismic algorithms, methods such as double difference and complex 3D raytracing can now be used on select clusters of seismic activity to improve the spatial accuracy and resolution of results” says Dr. Dave Collins, Manager of Mining and Geotechnical Consulting Services at ESG.  

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About ESG Solutions:

Founded in 1993, ESG Solutions (Engineering Seismology Group or ESG) is the leading provider of microseismic instrumentation and data acquisition, analysis and interpretation services for the mining, oil and gas and geotechnical industries.  As an independent provider of innovative microseismic solutions, ESG helps operators improve safety, optimize production, reduce costs and mitigate risk associated with hydraulic fracturing, thermal enhanced oil recovery, underground and open-pit mining, natural gas and waste storage, carbon sequestration and geotechnical applications.  ESG is based in Kingston (Canada), with offices in Calgary, Houston, Denver, Dubai, Amsterdam, Changsha and Beijing.

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