Eighth International Conference on Deep & High Stress Mining

ESG is exhibiting and presenting at the 8th International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining in Perth, Australia from 28-30 March, 2017.

ESG's Ted Urbancic to Present at Geophysical Society of Houston Microseismic SIG on May 5, 2016

ESG's CTO Dr. Ted Urbancic is presenting this week at the Geophysical Society of Houston Microseismic SIG: A Statistical Approach to Characterizing Reservoir Deformation Through the Collective Behavior of Microseismicity.

If Microseismic were to be Expressed through Art...

If microseismic were to be expressed through art, perhaps this is what it would look like?  ESG is exhibiting at the SPE ATCE in Amsterdam this week.  Check back to see the progress of our blank canvas at booth #2413 as it becomes transformed by a local chalk artist.

ESG on the Cover of the July Issue of First Break Magazine

An article titled "Validating Engineering Objectives of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations using Microseismicity" by Dr. Ted Urbancic and Dr. Adam Baig is featured in the Passive Seismic Special Topic section of the July issue of EAGE's First Break magazine.  

New Article on Applications of Microseismic Monitoring in Block Caving

Dr. Dave Collins and Dr. Zara Hosseini of ESG Solutions explain how microseismic monitoring can be used to generate valuable information and mitigate economic and safety risks during cave mining in a new article published in the March issue of Mining Magazine.

New Article on Use of Microseismic Monitoring for Slope Stability in Open-pit Operations

Ian Leslie explains how slope stability monitoring can mitigate the economic and safety risks associated with instability and help extend mine life at open-pit operations in the April issue of Mining Magazine. 

Microseismics and Geology: Tools to Identify Stress-related fractures

An article written by seismologists and engineers at ESG looks at the effect of geology on hydraulic fracture stimulation in this month's American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine.  

Do Hydraulic Fractures Induce Events Large Enough to be Felt on Surface?

An ESG article looking at induced seismicity during hydraulic fracturing is featured in the October issue of the CSEG Recorder. 

ESG Contributes as Guest Blogger for the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

Recognized as an innovator and growth company in Eastern Ontario, ESG was asked to prepare a guest blog for the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation highlighting some of our experiences.

ESG Article in July Issue of First Break

An article written by ESG focusing on reservoir-induced seismicity is included in the July issue of First Break Magazine.


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