Spectraseis Receives New Sensing Equipment

As part of its renewed focus in market penetration and growth, Spectraseis has recently received two additional sets of equipment, to be used for surface acquisition projects.

The new equipment arrived in January 2014 and is composed of 3-component, high sensitivity, broadband geophones which have been the staple of the Spectraseis fleet since the company started in 2004. This equipment is purpose-built for the types of project pursued by the company in the unconventional plays, and has proven to be a valuable asset in many recent projects, providing excellent results.

Spectraseis’ nodal system allows for proper design and has the flexibility necessary to achieve the expected results. Each station is composed of a 3C broadband sensor, digitizer, GPS and battery pack, being able to record for several days and with flawless performance.

The two new sets of equipment will allow the company to perform more concurrent jobs, necessary due to the increase demand that has been seen since the second half of 2013, providing a full pipeline and overflow of projects, which continues to be seen in 2014.