ULTRA Joint Industry Consortium Launched

Spectraseis has announced the launch and first partners in the ULTRA joint industry consortium to advance microseismic fracture monitoring technologies for operators.

ULTRA will increase the utility of microseismic data for unconventional resource development by addressing high-value technical questions in partnership with leading operators and researchers. The two-year program will provide its members with new tools and software for more accurate fluid flow predictions from fracture completions and data standards for increasing the value of microseismic data.

The goal of the ULTRA program is to answer four valuable questions for resource operators:

  • How can I optimize the design and cost of acquiring microseismic data given my well completion objectives and geological setting?
  • What reservoir properties can I obtain from microseismic monitoring data for input to my reservoir simulation?
  • Is there a best way to calculate the Stimulated Reservoir Volume and its flow properties?
  • What are the best practices for managing passive seismic libraries to ensure their security, accessibility and future value?

Consortium members will have direct access to leading-edge fracture monitoring technologies and improve their understanding of microseismic monitoring applications. Delivery of new workflows that better estimate the effective Stimulated Reservoir Volume and best practices for managing microseismic data are part of the package for members.

The initial partners in the two-year consortium include Chevron, researchers at the Colorado School of Mines, and Calgary-based reservoir modeling specialists Computer Modelling Group. Other members are expected to be announced shortly.

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