Manager of Acquisition&Processing Services


We are looking for a strong leader who is never satisfied with the status-quo, who is a creative problem solver and constantly asking ‘why’ or ‘how can we do this better’. The Manager of Acquisition & Processing Services will be responsible for overseeing all data acquisition and processing services for the Global Energy Services Group (GES) and, therefore, must respect and adhere to quality standards, processes and deadlines. The successful candidate is expected to be technically proficient to provide an appropriate level of technical direction and QC to the group.

ESG’s Global Energy Services department is very dynamic and schedules are constantly changing. We are looking for a candidate who is very organized, detail oriented and who can easily adapt to a constantly changing environment and schedule. Someone who can remain calm and focused in the face of the ebbs and flows of the petroleum industry for the Acquisition and Processing Group. This individual must work well in an interdisciplinary team environment as they will interact with Geophysicists, Project Coordinators, Sales Representatives, Software Developers, Engineers, other Managers and Analytics Teams.

This role includes additional management responsibilities such as tracking and presenting group quality and efficiency metrics, forecasting resource requirements, employee evaluation, and facilitating career development within their group. Occasional presentations to clients may also be required.

Previous management experience (particularly relating to larger groups with dynamic schedules and workloads) and an ability to show strong problem solving and project management skills will be given preference. Additionally, preference will be given to those with a technical background – either in seismology, geological sciences/geophysics, engineering and/or physics.

Job Duties

Short Term Job Duties

  • Oversee all data acquisition and processing services up to event location and base level reporting on hydraulic fracturing and long-term monitoring projects.
  • Establish and monitor QC processes, with support of the Senior Manager and QC Specialist.
  • Identify process gaps leading to shortcomings in group output and implement solutions.
  • Establish and track group metrics.
  • Assessment of group performance.
  • Determining resource requirements.
  • Ensure 100% accuracy in following event location, reporting and QC processes.
  • Facilitate transition of project from Acquisition & Processing Group to Analytics.
  • Responsible for employees’ Key Performance Objectives, evaluation, and feedback for Acquisition & Processing Services.
  • Assess competency of employees.
  • Ensure new employees receive training and develop competency in all fundamental areas of development.

Long Term Job Duties

  • Task assignment and scheduling within the A&P group.
  • Work with employees to determine desired career paths and guide them in these directions (advanced acquisition & processing, analytics, R&D, Project Management) once nearing full competency in group.
  • Work with Training Supervisor to establish, implement, and track training as required.
  • Direct involvement in process improvement working groups that relate to group function and output.
  • Work with other departments (Software, Data Analytics, Lean Champion) to improve efficiencies and streamline internal processes.
  • Participate in client meetings and presentations as required.
  • Perform other job duties as required.
  • Work with Sr. Manager of GES to establish and manage Acquisition & Processing Roadmap which will define timelines and prioritization for development and implementation of group processes, training, etc.
  • Work with QC Specialist to review, update and enforce QC processes for A&P, including data processing.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Geoscience/Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering or a related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum 2-4 years of management experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team, clients, and co-workers.
  • Excellent organizational, strategic, planning skills.
  • Ability and experience in leading a medium to large sized group, including mentoring, providing direction and feedback.
  • Proven skills to interact effectively with a team in order to direct work-flow, assess performance and assign duties.
  • Ability to creatively problem solve, ask and answer appropriate questions and evaluate results of performance.
  • High level of critical and logical thinking, analysis.
  • Ability to follow through and complete overlapping projects.
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects and programs at the same time.
  • Ability to forecast the needs of the department.
  • Experience with Lean Management or other Continual Improvement business processes will be an asset.
  • Industry (Unconventional Oil and Gas) experience would be considered an asset.

ESG will select candidates based on experience, qualifications and fit. We sincerely thank all applicants who apply.  Only those selected for follow-up will be contacted.

Please apply via our ESG Career Centre with resume and cover letter.


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