Spectris Advance

Welcome to Spectris Advance:

A leading-edge digital monitoring and analytical solution for global industries, bringing users the expert insights that empower them to make smarter decisions for their people, plants and processes. 

As the acknowledged leaders in our business domains, Spectris companies deliver products and services that help customers work better, faster and more efficiently. Spectris Advance makes our mastery available in new ways: through a range of digital solutions, including a flexible, optional integrated platform powered by leading-edge IIOT technologies. Our extensive applications knowledge is available as a cohesive, solution-focused approach the modern operator demands - with all the added benefits of these solutions being more automated, scalable and easy to access. 

Mining operators can maximize the value of existing assets by using technology as a core strategic imperative. Remote operation and monitoring solutions deliver big impact by maximising production, reducing cost and increasing safety. Spectris Advance Mining brings better data insights to mining operations through a best in class range of monitoring and optimization solutions - empowering smarter planning and operational decisions for mine and mill operations.

Solutions include:

  • Predictive insights into mine rock and structural health maximize production and reduce risk
  • Condition monitoring and prediction maximise asset and mobile fleet performance
  • Real time mill process monitoring and optimization enables peak mine-to-mill performance
  • Insightful environmental systems enable maximisation of production with confidence


Visit the Spectris Advance webpage for more information: https://spectrisadvance.com/sectors/mining/

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