Time Reverse Imaging (TRI)

The only elastic wave-equation imaging algorithm for fracture events

Spectraseis’ patented Time-Reverse Imaging (TRI) method delivers rich fracture characterization and improved reliability, eliminating the assumptions and simplifications of ray-based techniques through full elastic migration of microseismic data.

  • Robust, data-driven workflow mitigates acquisition artifacts, noise contamination, and false positives
  • Reduces processor bias and improves efficiency
  • Delivers a confidence estimate for each imaged event
  • Allows direct retrieval of the moment tensor
  • Provides an understanding of fracture direction and connectivity

Elastic imaging of the P and S radiation pattern contains the fracture plane


The video above illustrates a forward modeled explosion in the subsurface recorded by 100 stations (only ten traces plotted). The grid shows ground motion due to the arrival. After reversing data in time, it is injected into the velocity model. At depth, the wavefield heals, though some noise energy is left behind in the shallow part of the model. The energy is focused at the location of the source.