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ESG Solutions knows technology like no other.

Solve problems faster and with greater flexibility than ever before. As a fully integrated company, ESG Solutions has custom-designed, engineered, and manufactured over 40 proprietary equipment and software solutions.

We seamlessly integrate these solutions with additional technologies to maximize your capacity for data collection, including electromagnetics, large-event detection, microseismic, fiber optics, or a combination—as well as tools exclusive to ESG Solutions. Get the real-time data you need, when you need it, to inform the big decisions that drive your operations.

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Get deep-down data with heavy-duty hardware.

Our complete microseismic systems are intuitive to learn and use, and we combine them to meet your unique diagnostic needs. ESG Solutions is ISO 9001: 2015 registered for the manufacturing of seismic monitoring products for use in the mining, petroleum, and geotechnical industries.

We purpose-build our solutions to fit projects of any duration, in any location or environment, for any available geological footprint. We listen to your needs and are constantly adding or adapting new technology to meet your unique subsurface needs. Together we will customize our toolbox of solutions to meet your project needs, including the following.

Microseismic Monitoring

Combine our manufactured microseismic sensors and arrays, Paladin digitizer, Hotshot, and tiltmeters to provide a complete subsurface view for any duration project.

Fiber Optics

Deploy fiber optic Distributed Acoustic Fiber (DAS) independently, or combine it with downhole microseismic equipment for cross-well strain or DAS microseismic.

Seismic Monitoring

Record and measure seismicity or blasting associated with your operations using a network of low-frequency or broadband surface-based sensors, and add downhole sensors for increased sensitivity and accuracy.


See how fluid is moving subsurface with our electromagnetic equipment, which generates an electric field and measures the response using an array of surface receivers.


Better understand micro deformation of the rock through the use of ESG’s Hotshot tools integrated with tiltmeter technology. This integrated technology allows operators to better constrain fracture height with two technologies in one footprint.’

Make complex data simple with powerful software.

We designed and continue to develop our proprietary Windows-based Hyperion Seismic Software (HSS) suite as part of our complete microseismic solution—and with your organization’s changing subsurface diagnostics needs in mind. This powerful but user-friendly platform gives you real-time data access and visualization faster and easier than any other software available.

See our technology in action.

Find out how ESG Solutions’ technologies are changing the way organizations gather subsurface data—and driving incredible results.