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ESG Solutions is your best choice for subsurface diagnostic solutions. Since 1993, our microseismic monitoring experts have monitored over 1,500 wells for more than 600 energy projects. We have the experience to understand your operations, challenges, and goals before recommending the technical solution that best fits your needs.

With our well monitoring services, expect accurate event detection, location, and delivery. You’re also equipped with decision-driving data, ensuring improved safety, uptime, and productivity as a result.

“I was very pleased with all stages of the project from feasibility analysis, acquisition, processing, analysis, to interpretation. Communication and reporting were frequent and comprehensive. I would recommend ESG to any operator looking to acquire a high quality microseismic dataset with final deliverables that are well thought out and well documented.”

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Make informed and empowered decisions with real-time data associated with operational activities like:

Hydraulic fracturing
Enhanced oil recovery
Fluid injection
Underground injection
Underground storage
Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)
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Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring

Get better data and make more informed decisions with our microseismic acquisition, processing, and analysis services. ESG Solutions provides proprietary high-sensitivity geophone arrays, recommends superior deployment methods, and provides unmatched insights into your fracture network using the highest-resolution data available.

We also offer downhole tiltmeters and fiber DAS (standalone or integrated with geophones) to give you multiple data streams from the same operational footprint.

We work with you to understand what you need from your microseismic data and what decisions you have to make as a result. Using our decades of experience in unconventional formations, our expert team gathers and reviews quality data, then makes the best possible recommendations for your unique operation. No more guesswork—only pinpoint accuracy.

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Induced Seismicity Monitoring

Manage your oil and gas operations and assess risk more effectively over your acreage by monitoring induced seismicity in real time. We develop and operate reliable networks to manage risk associated with subsurface activities, such as hydraulic fracturing and water injection. From there, we collect and store data, identify and auto-locate the event, and review data quality before providing it to you.

This service allows operators to quickly identify and respond to high-magnitude events, ensuring your resources are developed in a socially responsible manner.

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Reservoir Monitoring

Whether you’re sequestering carbon, storing natural gas or biowaste, or conducting enhanced oil recovery operations, your reservoir has to remain intact at all costs. We use our microseismic monitoring systems—including in-house manufactured downhole sensors and data acquisition equipment—to monitor well casing integrity, ensure injected fluid and hydrocarbon containment, and report on reservoir activity.

We have a deep understanding of microseismicity and are always working to develop new ways of collecting and processing subsurface data. Partner with us and you not only improve operational efficiency, but also experience the peace of mind that comes with always-on reservoir monitoring.

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High-resolution imaging of fluid movement in the subsurface has been a traditional limitation of subsurface monitoring techniques. ESG Solutions has remedied this issue by deploying their industry-leading electromagnetic observation technique.

Whether operators are hydraulically fracturing (pushing fluid and proppant into the subsurface), flowing back (turning on production), disposing of unwanted water (saltwater disposal), or pushing unwanted gases into deep reservoirs (carbon sequestration), they can now observe where those changes are occurring at depth. This allows operators to see issues as they arise and be proactive rather than reacting to issues once they come to the surface.

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Our complete microseismic systems and software are simple to learn and use, and we combine them to meet your unique diagnostic needs. Process and visualize data faster than ever before and confidently make decisions that drive your energy operations forward.

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