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ESG Solutions is your best choice for subsurface diagnostic solutions for mining and geotechnical applications.

Since 1993, our microseismic monitoring specialists have provided mining services in over 40 countries, with 100 projects each year on average. We work with you to understand your unique challenges and monitoring goals, then develop the right all-in-one solution for your operation.

Our mine monitoring services give you a better understanding of subsurface site conditions, provide the decision-driving data you need, and ensure operational safety, uptime, and productivity.

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We’re ready to tackle your biggest mining and geotechnical challenges.

Make informed and empowered decisions with real-time microseismic data associated with:

Block caving
Solution Mining
Open pit Mining
Soft rock MINing
Rockfall and Rail monitoring
Dam monitoring
Tailings dam monitoring
vibration and blast monitoring
Underground storage
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microseismic monitoring for enhanced understanding of rock mass deformation

Get peace of mind by giving ground control engineers solutions to manage seismic risk. We design the system to be best suited for the mine, giving you the best detectability for areas of concern. With microseismic monitoring, you’re alerted in real-time about changing rock conditions and hazardous ground conditions that could affect your site’s safety and productivity, keeping workers safe and ensuring operational uptime.

By reviewing data from past microseismic events, we also identify how subsurface rock mass responds to your mining and geotechnical operations, allowing you to predict and plan for subsurface challenges during future operations.

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Installation, Training & Project Management

We innovate, design, and manufacture proprietary microseismic systems specifically for subsurface mining and geotechnical applications, such as wireless underground data transmission and slimline multi-sensor arrays. Our field team assists with installing this technology anywhere in the world, and we train your site staff to use our hardware and software.

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Data Processing & Interpretation

We don’t just provide raw data from our microseismic monitoring systems. Work with our data processing group of highly trained geophysical staff to review and analyze your results, and get expert analysis and reporting delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With our advanced, comprehensive microseismic analysis and consulting, you know exactly what your data means and how you can apply it to your specific mining or geotechnical operation.

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Advanced Analytics & Consulting

We’re pioneers in microseismics, and we have led ongoing research and development in that field since the early 1990s. Since day one, we have invested in a better understanding of not only the data we collect, but also the rock mass behaviour behind it. As a result, we are able to provide customers  with cutting-edge instrumentation, powerful custom software, and analytical solutions that empower any operation.

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Maintenance & Technical Support

Technical support comes standard with all commissioned solutions. When support for ESG systems is needed to facilitate safe operations at your site, please call our support team.

We also offer training, either on site or at one of our worldwide offices, and can provide regularly scheduled on-site maintenance and technological upgrades to ensure your microseismic systems are delivering the results you need.

Get the best tools in the business, hands down.

Our complete microseismic systems and software are simple to learn and use, and we combine them to meet your unique diagnostic needs. Process and visualize data faster than ever before and confidently make decisions that drive your mining and geotechnical operations forward.

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