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January 25, 2023

If you conduct your business underground (or, in the subsurface), you need timely access to the most accurate data possible. At ESG Solutions, we’ve made this our mission for more than 30 years. Our clients in the energy, mining, and geotechnical sectors have used our subsurface diagnostics tools to solve their operational challenges faster and more effectively than ever before.

This ongoing blog series reviews how our wide range of subsurface monitoring technologies—including microseismics, tilt, fiber optics, electromagnetics, and large event detection tools—gives clients the clarity to optimize their operations for long-term performance gains. Read on to learn how applications as diverse as hydraulic fracturing, geothermal well production, mining, CCUS, and EOR leverage our tools to boost profitability, protect field personnel, and minimize  carbon emissions.

ESG Solutions empowers industries that power the globe

Operators in the industry sectors that tap into the subsurface—specifically energy, mining, and geotechnical—have historically lacked the clarity to understand how the Earth responds to their operations. 

If your company conducts its operations below the surface, you understand how critical timely access to accurate information can be. Without this access, you face the very real risks of less-than-optimal operations, lower profits, and greater threats to the safety of your personnel and the environment. 

Enter ESG Solutions.

For more than 30 years, ESG Solutions has made it our mission to empower customers in oil and gas E&P, mining, and other resource extraction/evaluation industries by delivering the subsurface data they need to improve performance and profitability. 

We started as a microseismic monitoring and analysis provider, but have grown to become a global leader in subsurface measurement and diagnostics. Our technology toolbox includes a full range of tools that acquire, analyze, and interpret specific subsurface datasets during your operations. 

Our application knowhow and subsurface expertise let us deploy multiple tools catered to your specific production goals. Together, these tools give you clearer insights to maximize your resource recovery, protect your people, maintain regulatory compliance, and minimize carbon emissions on the path to a net-zero energy future. 

How do we help companies like yours optimize their operations below the surface of the Earth? Let’s dig deeper into our technologies to learn more. 

FRACMAP hydraulic fracture monitoring service

You can’t maximize the production potential of your hydraulic fracturing operations if you don’t know where your fracture network is going and how it’s growing. Our FRACMAP hydraulic fracture monitoring service helps optimize your fracturing strategies by integrating:

  • Data acquired from microseismic arrays, both downhole and at surface
  • Measurements of micro-deformations of the rock with tiltmeter technology
  • Measurements of strain in the formation with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) fiber optics 

By continuously collecting, interpreting, and reporting these datasets, FRACMAP gives you a complete, real-time picture of frac height and propagation. With this picture in clear view, you can better plan your well completion strategies to meet long-term production goals.

Electromagnetic (EM) fluid tracking

Many of your subsurface applications require an accurate understanding of how fluid moves through the formation. In hydraulic fracturing, such measurements help gauge the effectiveness of the frac job and provide an early idea of your well’s production potential. In carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) applications, measurements to track CO2 movement help ensure the stored carbon stays stored—and doesn’t find a pathway out of the reservoir to the surface. 

This is where our Electromagnetic (EM) Fluid Tracking service can help. Our EM service gives you everything you need to get detailed images of how fluid moves through your formation–from electric field generators to surface-based EM receivers to processing, interpretation, and reporting software. The insights provided by our EM Fluid Tracking service help ensure that fluid is moving where it’s wanted—and staying away from where it’s not. 

RESMAP reservoir monitoring

Reservoir integrity is critical for subsurface applications as diverse as carbon sequestration, natural gas and biowaste storage, and enhanced oil recovery. Our RESMAP service combines downhole microseismic arrays, in-house manufactured downhole sensors and digital recorders, and advanced analytics. With RESMAP in the field, you’re assured continuous monitoring of casing integrity, injected fluid and hydrocarbon containment, and long-term reservoir activity. 

Seismicity monitoring

Whether you’re conducting a hydraulic fracturing operation or injecting water in saltwater disposal wells, you need to monitor and manage any seismic events generated by your operations. 

We deploy surface or near-surface arrays of low-frequency or broadband seismometers and digital recorders to continuously monitor induced seismic events in real time. Our real-time monitoring and reporting provides a critical alert notification system that informs you of the occurrence and severity of an abnormal seismic event. Armed with this information, you can implement the right corrective measures to avoid subsurface containment failures and ensure reliable regulatory compliance. To that end, we work closely with the Bureau of Economic Geology and TexNet to maintain compliance in monitoring for their incentive program with the Texas Railroad Commission.

Mining and geotechnical

To avoid downtime and potentially catastrophic accidents in your mining operations, you need accurate, early warning measurements of seismic-induced risks. Our mine monitoring services, which include continuous microseismic monitoring, processing, and data analysis, gives you real-time insights into changing rock conditions and hazardous ground conditions that could impact your site’s safety and productivity. 

Our proven mining monitoring services, which have been used on hundreds of projects in more than 40 countries, have helped many companies improve mine safety, maximize uptime, and optimize ground support design.

These are just a few ways that companies like yours are using our subsurface monitoring technologies to maximize operations with minimal risk. We’ll devote future blogs in this series to highlight how specific ESG Solutions technologies empower companies across industry sectors to optimize their performance and profits while meeting their sustainability goals. 

Get in touch to discover how ESG Solutions can benefit your industry.

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