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Monitoring Array Configurations

For each project, ESG can advise clients on the optimal location for microseismic monitoring arrays. By examining information about the site such as the regional geology, velocity models, and taking into account existing infrastructure and project objectives, ESG can perform a feasibility study to map out the event detection limits for varying sensor array configurations.

Hydraulic Fractures

For hydraulic fracture projects, the optimal monitoring configuration is to have access to multiple monitoring wells. These may be dedicated vertical observation wells, or nearby horizontal wells which were previously used as production wells or will be production wells in the future. It is important to be able to monitor a vertical segment of a well in order to ensure that event locations are constrained in depth.

For hydraulic fracture operations, ESG promotes the use of a "whip-array™" monitoring configuration using a nearby lateral well to house two separate toolstrings; one in a vertical segment of the well and another in the horizontal region of the well. These two toolstrings are connected by a digital whip cable which enables all data to be transmitted to the surface.  In this way, you gain the advantage of monitoring closer to the production zone from the horizontal toolstring, while ensuring that your events have proper depth constraint from the vertical toolstring.

Reservoir, Mining and Geotechnical Monitoring

ESG can design a customized temporary or permanent monitoring array for all reservoir, mining and geotechnical monitoring applications. This flexibility comes from the fact that all of our equipment is manufactured in-house.  ESG will take into account the nature of the project, the size of the region to be monitored, any existing infrastructure and the project objectives to complete a feasibility study.

It is ESG's goal to help you get the most out of your microseismic monitoring project.  An optimally designed array configuration will ensure you get high quality data and valuable return on investment.

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