Induced Seismicity Monitoring

Real-time seismic monitoring of natural or induced seismicity in or around oil and gas production or waste water injection provides operators with the data needed to manage their operations and assess potential risk of induced seismicity.

Spectraseis (an ESG-managed company) designs, implements and operates real-time seismic networks that help oil and gas operators to better manage public and regulatory concerns regarding seismicity near production and injection activities.  

Mitigate risks associated with seismicity:

  • Build up an historic database to provide a seismicity baseline for your area of operations.
  • Quickly respond to local, high magnitude seismic events and understand how they relate to your operations.
  • Compare and integrate seismic monitoring data with production and injection data to evaluate any possible connection.
  • Implement risk management procedures using a "Traffic Light" system.
  • Integrate results with regional seismic networks.

 ESG Offers:

  • Texas RRC-approved equipment
  • Processing and QC of seismic activity 24/7 by on-call geophysicists
  • Timely alerts via email, SMS or phone
  • Real-time data streaming to web portal
  • Continuous station health monitoring
  • Moment Tensor Inversion (MTI), stress inversion, double-difference relocation
  • Technical expertise built on 25 years in the industry

How it works:

Hybrid® Downhole-Surface Acquisition

Unique to ESG, our patented Hybrid® configuration combines downhole geophone arrays with near-surface sensors optimized for improved depth resolution and full coverage of seismic events from M-3 to M+3 in one comprehensive system.

Temporary downhole deployment with ESG’s SuperCable® provides excellent event location and depth resolution at a fraction of the cost of traditional wireline deployments. Ask us if a Hybrid® deployment is right for your operation.

Spectraseis Seismicity Monitoring System

Spectraseis designs, implements and operates high reliability, real-time seismic networks to better manage public and regulatory concerns about seismicity in areas of production and injection activities.

Consisting of a low-cost array of custom-manufactured, near-surface sensors optimized for the low frequency, longer period waves of large magnitude events, Spectraseis regional seismic networks enable operators to effectively monitor and assess triggered seismicity.

Spectraseis Seismicity Monitoring includes:

  • State of the art, near-surface array composed of three-component broadband nodes that record complete ground motion from 0.025 to 100 Hz with ultra-high sensitivity and low noise floor performance.  Download the Paladin 5 Specifications.
  • ISVPro web-based software provides interactive monitoring and display, delivering seismic event notification based on magnitude and location while handling long-term data archiving to preserve seismic monitoring records.
  • On-site or remote geophysical processing of passive seismic data.
  • Web-based visualization of seismic results in real-time.
  • Customized array design to ensure optimal field coverage and maximum signal quality.

Download the brochure: Seismic monitoring

Why Spectraseis?

Spectraseis delivers integrated technical solutions for improved return on investment in fracture and injection programs in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

  • The industry’s most reliable seismic monitoring solutions, derived from cutting-edge innovations in surface and borehole recording arrays, data processing and imaging
  • A strong HSE track record
  • Integrity and efficiency in data processing
  • Auditable workflows
  • No black boxes
  • High-caliber, experienced technical and account management teams
  • Continuous technical advancement supported by top-tier industry and university partners
  • 10+ years of experience working with broadband passive seismic data

Spectraseis is an experienced and reliable partner to major IOC and NOC operators and independents, with proven operating performance in the most demanding oilfield environments in North America and around the world.

To learn more about Spectraseis' expertise in surface seismic acquisition and processing, see their YouTube channel: Spectraseis Videos