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ESG Solutions Announcement-GPS Rollover

July 21, 2022

Paladin GPS Rollover

Announcement (Generations III and IV)

Time Synchronization

Dear Valued Client,  


Every 19.6 years (1024 weeks) devices communicating with the Global Positioning System (GPS) encounter a “rollover event.”  The event date depends on the manufacturing date of devices.  For ESG Paladin® system components specified in the table below this date will occur in September 2022.  

Before the rollover event, affected surface-based devices must be addressed.  ESG Solutions is urging all system users to address their affected microseismic system components as soon as possible.  

ESG Solutions supports the latest model of Paladins (Paladin-5) and PTP-SERVER.  An exception has been made for this GPS rollover.  ESG has created and tested firmware for Paladin2-V and Paladin-IV models.  However, as old Paladins are no longer supported, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest model (Paladin-5).  Paladin Timing Source must be replaced with an upgraded unit.  It should be noted that ESG cannot guarantee functionality after updating older firmware.  It is recommended that updates are performed in stages, and critical spares are on hand.

Please contact your ESG Sales Representative to discuss intervention options and pricing.


Below is a list of affected products:  

The next rollover event will occur for Paladin-V (Paladin 5) products in 2035.

ESG Solutions  

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