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ESG Solutions' CEO, David Moore, spoke with Oil & Gas Investor about technology advances helping operators get the most out of aging fields.

August 10, 2022

ESG Solutions' CEO, David Moore, recently had the opportunity to speak to Oil & Gas Investor. Find out what he had to say about the technology advances helping operators get the most out of aging fields while cutting costs and emissions.

"The importance of using real-time data was also highlighted by ESG Solutions, which was acquired by subsurface imaging and frac diagnostics company Deep Imaging in 2021. The transaction gave the companies an expanded suite of real-time analytical tools, according to ESG’s CEO David Moore."

“We’ve got a breadth of technologies that we can combine to provide real-time data so that they can make better completions decisions, and those completions decisions should drive value in production,” Moore said. “I think historically, if we look at any of the technologies, whether it’s downhole, borehole microseismic, our electromagnetic [EM] technology, or if they're using something like tracers—any of the technologies—they have to understand the efficacy of their completions are always still a look back, or a lot of them are. They’re starting to use pump data to make on-the-fly decisions stage by stage. We’re providing stage-by-stage, real-time borehole microseismic so that they understand what the fracture networks are doing on a stage-by-stage basis.”

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