ESG Solutions to partner with Güralp Systems Ltd to supply and install digital accelerometers to Canadian Government for new national Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) network

UK business, Güralp Systems Ltd. has been awarded a contract to supply 190 digital accelerometers to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for a national Earthquake Early Warning system (EEW) in Canada. The new network is designed to enhance early detection and warning in areas of moderate to high earthquake hazard and will be concentrated along the west coast of British Columbia, the Ottawa River Valley, and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The instrumentation will be installed by NRCan in the remotest areas and, in locations close to the major urban centres, by Güralp’s project partner, ESG Solutions of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Deep Imaging Acquires ESG Solutions, Forming A New Leader in Rock Behavior Insights for Energy and Mining

Deep Imaging, a subsurface imaging and frac diagnostics company, today announced its acquisition of ESG Solutions (Engineering Seismology Group) forming one of the world’s foremost subsurface diagnostics companies. The combined company will offer a robust suite of analytical tools to help upstream oil and gas, mining and geotechnical companies optimize operations.

An Announcement from ESG's President Meena Mackie

We are pleased to announce that Spectris plc. has agreed with SCF Partners, a private equity investor group, for it to acquire ESG Solutions, via an existing company in its portfolio Deep Imaging Technologies, Inc.

ESG Solutions Collaborates in Novel Temporary Fibre Optic Deployment in Western Canada

ESG was proud to work with OptaSense on a recent temporary, retrievable fibre optic program for the University of Calgary in Western Canada. The field test represents one of the first such deployments in the region and offers high quality fibre optic data at a fraction of the cost of permanent fibre installations.

ESG Solutions Partners with OptaSense to Provide Integrated Frac Insights

OptaSense has partnered with ESG Solutions to provide advanced diagnostic intervention and microseismic analysis services. Through the partnership, OptaSense and ESG will deliver retrievable wireline systems that integrate advanced crosswell strain monitoring with 3-component geophone microseismic monitoring in unconventional plays.